“Buzzworthy Veterans” with Scott Shubert from Walk-in Wedding Chapel

Each week on “Buzzworthy Veterans,” our host Ant Stroud talks to veterans who have been doing Buzzworthy things around the community. This week, Ant sits down with Scott Shubert from Walk-in Wedding Chapel.

Chaplain Scott is a retired Navy Chaplain. He was the last Navy Chaplain in the Iraq War ministering to over 250,000 troops at the evacuation point. He was also Chaplain to the ship that rescued Capt. Richard Phillips played by Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips.

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Short company description: We provide beautiful weddings at an affordable price. As a retired Navy Chaplain, I learned it was difficult for people to get married by a minister in Jacksonville. I opened the Walk-in Wedding Chapel to solve this problem. We performed over 700 weddings last year.

What Branch of Service are you or were you in and for how long?: I am a retired Navy Chaplain. I was the last Navy Chaplain in Iraq and Chaplain to the ship that rescued Capt. Phillips portrayed by Tom Hanks.

What is or was your job in the military?: Chaplain

Why do you feel it’s important for people to know your business is a Veteran Owned business?: Trust is the most important reason people do business with a company. Veterans follow a moral code of honor.

When leaving the service what was your biggest struggle?: My biggest struggle was not having a mission each day. Starting my business was a big part of reintegration.

What resources for veterans did you find that helped you overcome that struggle?: Vets 4 vets is a great organization where I’ve made many contacts. The local vfw is another place to connect. The Jax Chamber of Commerce has been a source of information and mentorship.

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