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Based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, the Ant Stroud Group is a real estate company specializing in the exciting Northeast Florida home market with a passion for helping military families with relocations, and veterans find their next home. Backed by Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty, Anthony Stroud’s strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, negotiating skills, and expertise ensures you not only find your dream home but also get the best deal for your family.



Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Anthony traveled the world as an active member of the United States Navy. This required his beautiful wife, Julianne, to live the concept of “turning a house into a home” year after year. The relocation process, although daunting at first, bred a passion for the real estate industry, allowing Anthony to help military friends and family purchase homes of their own.

Honor, courage, commitment, these are the three words that lead and inspire every sailor in the United States Navy. Combined with his detailed, Type-A personality and disciplined work ethic, these attributes are the pillars of his business and will guide him in assisting you on this adventure of finding a place to create memories in.

Lastly, with the Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty team backing the Ant Stroud Group, you can be assured that Anthony is the right agent to help you secure your home or sell your existing one. With the Ant Stroud Group, it is “Always Family, Never Customers.” Which means, you already have family waiting for you when you get here. Anthony and his team look forward to meeting you and learning your story.

Welcome to the family!

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Before diving into the Jacksonville real estate industry in 2008, Bernie Bristow worked for a large insurance company for 20 years. Her background in insurance, customer service, and computer technology provides the ideal foundation for a successful career in real estate.

Bernie has years of both personal and professional involvement with real estate. In addition to her valuable work history, she’s lived in 10 different states all before turning 30 because of corporate transfers. Not only does she have expert know-how and training as a realtor, but she also understands what it’s like to relocate, buy, and sell firsthand. It’s an experience that can seem daunting without the right help.

Year after year, Bernie has ranked in the top percentage of real estate agents at Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty and within Northeast Florida. She’s achieved various awards for customer satisfaction and furthered her real estate expertise by becoming a Cartus – Network Buyer Network Marketing and Network Affinity Specialist. Additionally, her husband is a retired local construction superintendent, thus, she has extensive knowledge in construction.

If you are seeking a home in or around the St. Johns Town Center, Villages of Pablo, Southside, Neptune Beach or Atlantic Beach, or the Greater Jacksonville area, please reach out to Bernie Bristow – your area specialist who is eager to help you secure all your real estate ambitions.

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Aida Stroud is an ambitious, outgoing person who loves the industry of Real Estate. Aida used to run an entire office for a successful real estate company in San Diego, CA. Having her on the Anthony Stroud Group team only strengthens their resources for you. She has an incredible work ethic and strong attention to detail but loves to laugh and share stories with everyone when given the chance. The most rewarding title she has currently is “Grandmother”. She has 7 grand kids ranging all the way from high school to only months old. She can’t wait to be an asset to you during your real estate journey and welcome you to the family after.

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Emily came to Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in November 2018. She keeps all parties in constant contact with each other and makes sure each item is done in a timely manner according to contract deadlines. In just one year, she has had the pleasure of closing over 350 properties! With every day that passes, she only falls more and more in love with her profession. She cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. When she is not in the office, she comes home to her wonderful husband, Austin, and two dogs, Sammie and Max (Max-aroni). They also recently bought their very first home. It is a 1940s fixer upper they enjoy giving new life to! Emily and Austin look forward to raising a family and living many years in a house they made their home.

Family Members

“I was so lucky to have had Bernie Bristow as my realtor. She is the sweetest person. Extremely knowledgeable of the realty world, she gave me the best advice all throughout the process of searching for my home and was excellent at making deals with the seller. "
Adria Barros
"Anthony ensured a smooth buying process from cradle to grave. He even went out of his way in his off-time to show homes via FaceTime. Professional, kind, loyal to the customer, and by far, just a top-notch, elite-rated realtor. Thank you so much, Anthony! You have lifetime customers, and I will be spreading the word about you.”
Rendel Cano
"Ant never once let us down through our entire home buying process. He welcomed us with open arms and made us feel safe, and better yet, ensured us with every bit of information one could seek. I could go on for hours about how great he made our experience!”
Hollie Davison